Chapter 2-my better me

I was a goner_ travelled through the land of drunkards.Any moment from now I would spill my guts out.

I had broken my drinking virginity ,there was now way back,from now I knew that I couldn’t handle alcohol well if my life depends on it,this was the new me.

Standing on wobbling feet across the bar counter,I chug the rest of the champagne, scrunching my face in disgust.

I scan the place slowly my eyes resting on the dance floor,people are grinding each other,some doing what I assume is making out ,the girl is literally eating the guys face_agh!

Too much PDA to last me a lifetime.

I rub my eyes to make sure am seeing correctly, in the farthest east booth,sits a god,he has an athletic body, tight shirt that hugs the visible abs that are screaming

can you run your tongue along this sexy six pack?

his jet black hair is gelled sideways making his facial features prominent showcasing his high cheekbones and chiseled shaped nose.


He looks up only to catch me drool at him,his hazel eyes checks me out from my 4 inches killer heels to my pastel pink dress .He gaze Pierce through my scull and for once, I become self conscious. Am blushing furiously, thanks to my caramel skin,I would have turned to a tomato.My face is burning with embarrassment of being caught staring.  who wouldn’t stare,the guy is a sex god for Péte sake! The stranger’s  lips quive into a  smirk upon my discomfort _i die there and then,ha ha just kidding .



It takes all my willpower not to stare any longer and save myself from more embarrassment. Absentmindedly, I take another sip from my glass only to realize I finished my drink long ago.This guy is messing with my brain. I can feel his hard gaze on the back of my head .



I turn around and sure enough, the strange guy is studying my face like some interesting lab experiment.This time,my eyes are trained solely on the two sluts around his table who are shoving their plastic breast on his face,leaning on him whispering what can only be flirtatious words,he is squirming in his seat clearly not interested .Once again I scan the party only to see other ladies giving the piece of eye candy flirtatious glances and dreamy looks.So am not the only one who saw the guy.

Its now or never.


I master my best sultry smile marching towards my prime goal.The stranger turned from his conversation with the bimbos and eyed me wearily, I give him a stern look of you better cooperate or else…

“Sweetheart,sorry for the delay,this place is packed to the brim,you no I don’t have a good sense of direction ” I drop my shoulders from being tired of locating his booth.Mystery guy  looks at me as if I have grown another head,clearly he is confused.Deciding to tackle this problem from a different approach,

” Hey you two, quit shoving your plastic boobs in my mans  face,does he look fake to you ? Huh? ” if looks could kill,I would be 6 six feet under from the deadly stares the sluts were giving me. Bimbo 1 and bimbo 2 shows no sign of going away any time soon,if they were cartoons,smoke would be emitting from their ears and noses .My gaze does a double take at the sex god ,indeed he the most handsome man I have seen so far not that I come across them often,he gives me an amused look which makes me even more weak on my knees,I flash him a seductive smile in return,so much for my confidence,am mesmerized by the way his muscles flexes as he folds his arm across the wide chest, leaning back on his chair ready to watch an interesting drama unfold.

Midnight is approaching and fast.

“Two” people around me shouts

“Sweet pie, you know I would never miss our new year has only been one minute I have left you alone yet some fisi ( hyenas- with greedy character,a person who has multiple sexual partners,never contend with one – a Kenyan slung) cant keep their hands to themselves” I shove bimbo 1 out of my way and make space next to the stranger,I turn to give the sluts a sour look and they scurry away,definitely buying my lies.

I turn back to the hot piece proud of my achievement, I feel his hot breath on my face ,we are so close to each other,his eyes looks at me in so many emotion- curiosity, amazement, want, wait is that lust? No ,am drank, it can’t be.Am lost in his warm hazel eyes that are trained on my lips.I look down at his lips and it appear very juicy,my thoughts are a mess ,I can only imagine them on me.

Wait,stop thinking like that you bad girl.

Why does it feel so real,am dumpstruck realizing that am not imagining but the gods lips is crashed on mine,it takes me a minute to know that I ,Jane Maya was kissing a complete sexy stranger .My mouth moves in its own ,dancing perfectly with his,igniting a fire that was long buried deep in me,and its key lost,he cups my face with his rough masculine hands,the kiss is hot,raw and passionate like long lost lovers,its only the two of us here,everything and everyone else fades in the background, fireworks are erupting inside my stomach,my knees are week and am falling but he  steadies me with his other hand,the kiss is so deep and we are both loosing our breathe,and that’s when logic sets in that oxygen is needed for survival,we pull apart to catch our breathe from one hot make out session.





His hand on my back send tingles as he runs it up and down my bare back.He looks at me with emotions I can’t place.I realize that we were standing, but I don’t remember how we stood in the first place,he guides me to sit next to him with his penetrating gaze on me.

Ops! Its new year.

“Sir,its time.”the magical trance surrounding us is broken by a grey- haired man in an Armani suit .

He groans loudly from the interruption,”Am coming George”

Thats when common sense kicks in, I realize I have made out with a stranger  ,he could be a serial killer for all I know-yet I can’t deny that I enjoyed the kiss,I don’t realize that am brushing my hand on my  lips unconsciously, and the guy follows it with his eyes.darm,why is he looking at me like am a piece of meat?

” what’s your name sweetpie?” His voice is so thick,and deep,the right word would be sexy,could he be an Angel? Everything about him is perfect.


“Hmm..Jane” my names  sound perfect coming from his mouth, I give him a genuine smile this time .

“Nice to meet you Jane , Davis Graham” he extends his hand for a  handshake.

“Pleasure is …wait…What!!!? ” my sense of hearing must be taking early morning nap.Pointing my hands at me,” You’re Davis Graham,the multibilionare in Africa?” I repeat it slowly like a child learning their first words.

He mocks salute and bow slightly,

“Guilty as charged”

My head suddenly feels heavy,I scrunch my face in confusion trying to locate the face to the name,my eyes bulge out of their sockets as everything becomes clearer as a day.

I Jane Maya kissed the young,powerful ,dangerous,billionaire in my first night out as my better me. Could my life get more interesting?

Before I could stop myself,All my breakfast, lunch,and dinner rises from my tummy,and I barf on his expensive jeans ,white t-shirt and shiny black shoe.He looks down at the the mess I have created on his expensive attire that could by my meal a whole year with clenched teeths.Realizing he could sue me,depot me to Afghanistan or worse hire gangsters to kill me,I let out an ear piercing scream that echo’s around the bar . I can feel the world rotating and things becoming blurred,am falling in an endless dark pit but before I could hit the floor,something heavy and warm catches me.

An that’s how I fainted.

to be continued




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