My better me

Weak people revenge

Strong people forgive

Intelligent people ignore

Anonymous author 


I kept on chanting the mantra over and over till it lost its purpose

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Come on, I know am not intelligent on the contrary I was a strong lad,but why couldn’t I forgive

I was seething strong vegence that for a moment,was knocked off balance

The betrayal stung with the force of a thousands angry wasp,my heart was bleeding.

I had to restrain myself from reaching for yet another glass of champagne. I took a deep breath and smoothed my cocktail dress.





With a newfound energy, it was in the past now

The new year was right around the corner and with it – a new me, a better more powerful me. I would endure.

Better yet:I’ll come on top. That was my resolution

That was what pushed me to come to the Elite party tonight.

As the guest and drunk teenagers around me counted while majority slurred down from twelve,I prepared myself.

No more tears

No more throbbing heartache

Here is to a new ,stranger me


…to be continued



2 thoughts on “My better me”

  1. Hey! Just as a quick heads up I only found one post written.. there are another 4 or 5 that appear to be blank by default. You can edit or delete them to ensure a more active looking set up.Also the name of your blog isn’t at the top, it just says ‘Site Name’, again by default. Other than that I like the theme you are using and your post was good! Keep it up and welcome to the blogging world 🙂


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